Katrinas kritters

Saturday morning, April 23rd, 2005, I woke up to see something I'd never seen before, especially, in April:  Snow, stacked about a foot high, on my fence.  It was stunning.  And it didn't last very long.  But, while the snow was there, I took my Nikon 4000 outside, to shoot my dogs, in my yard:  Tzarina Basha Blue Rainbow, my Stunning Sterling Silver Siberian ShowGirl, who was 5, at the time.  And my Tri-Coloured, Golden Shelty, Dani/el In The Lions' Den, also 5, at the time.  The shots I got that day are those on all things "Katrina's Kritters."
It was little more than 4 months later, on Monday, August 29th, 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.  The word we got, in the NorthEast was, it wasn't so terrible.  And, it had passed.  It was the next day, Tuesday, August 30th, 2005, the levees broke:  And, all Hell broke loose. 
I will never forget what I saw on television that day:  A gorgeous, tall, thin, black, I think, Dobermann Pincer, on the roof of a house, completely under water, in New Orleans.  Hurricane Katrina had hit New Orleans, the previous day; & the levees had broken overnight.  Nothing would ever be the same for those people.   
I was sick.  I was stunned.  I was frozen.  There was nothing I could do.  This was so very wrong.  These weren't wealthy people, with private jets, access to choppers, & aide.  These were, obviously, poor people.  And who's poorer than those who never have a voice?  Who never grow up?  God's helpless Creatures we were put here to protect, not profit from:  Animals.
I was at once, so angry, so frustrated, so furious, I didn't know what to do.  I always pray.  And then, it hit me.  You're a Writer:  Write something.  And I did.  I sat down at the upright piano in the same room as the television; & I wrote the music & lyrics to "Katrina's Kritters." 
My wonderful sound engineer, Rik Willmitch, recorded "Katrina's Kritters" for me, days later, in his studio.  Rik formatted "Katrina's Kritters" for CD, & MP3.  Rik also edited "Katrina's Kritters," the Muse-ique Video, my dear friend, & videographer, Loretta Culwell/Low, shot, in September of 2006, at the Baltimore & Oriole/B & O Train Station & Restaurant, which was also donated to me, along with the beautiful, grand piano, thanks to Sandy .  Without Rik's work, without Loretta's/Low's work, without Sandy's donation of the location, I'd have no "Katrina's Kritters" C/DVD to sell.  S/He/They did it for Love of Animals, & the desire to help me help Katrina's Kritters.  They weren't paid, that's for sure.
It is now July of 2013.  And "Katrina's Kritters" has become more than a C/DVD/web site/ song.  "Katrina's Kritters" has become my Dream for my Legacy.  I would Love to establish The St. Jude's For Animals:  A hospital for all Animals, who will be seen/treated, regardless of parental ability to pay.  I even have a name for it, based on my 1st, illustrated book, "Little Kitty ChristMas," my song, & my muse-ique video, "Katrina's Kritters," both for Animals.  Little Kitty ChristMas Hospital Of Love For God's Creatures/All Katrina's Kritters.
I hope you enjoy "Katrina's Kritters."  A portion of the proceeds of the sale of "Katrina's Kritters" CD & DVD will go to Little Kitty ChristMas Hospital Of Love For God's Creatures. 
Thank you for your Love.  God bless Katrina's Kritters & you.